Helpful Tips For Moving !

Download the "tips" pdf and print it off - click here

1. Remember to notify the post office of your address change.

2. Notify your utilities when to discontinue your service and make arrangements for start-up at your new location. Make sure the telephone is connected right up until you move in case there are any last minute calls you need to make while moving.

3. Carry your currency, jewelry, and valuables with you.

4. Be sure to notify the Vehicle Registration office of your change of address.

5. Notify doctor, dentist and family allowance offices.

6. Wherever possible, try to move in the middle of the month, as opposed to competing with end-of-lease apartment movers who regularly move at months end.

7. Have the utility company read your meters.

8. If you are moving into a new home or subdivision make sure that roadways and driveways can accommodate moving trucks.

9. Discard inflammables such as matches, lighter fluid, and gasoline.

10. Do not overload dresser drawers. Pack drawers lightly and rmeove fragile and heavy items.

11. Liquids in bottles should have caps securely fastened.

12. Pack one carton with utensils and plates for your first meal in the new home.

13. Dismantling and setting up beds is part of the movers' responsibility.

14. Wardrobes will be used to transport your hanging clothes.

15. Advise the moving foreman where you can be contacted (on cell?) on moving day.

16. Do a thorough check of your home once the truck is loaded.

17. Flowers and plants will be moved at the risk of the owner.

18. Be readily available at all times during unloading. The movers will need to know where stuff is to be placed.

19. Any fixtures fastened to walls such as drapery tracks or shelves should be removed for ease of moving.

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